Spiritual, Psychic and Paranormal
Interests with Ruth King

Ruth King is a lifelong spiritual, psychic, paranormal intuitive, medium, mentor and guide. She is aware of, interacts with and observes Spiritual, Psychic and Paranormal things. She channels this activity into readings and other supportive services at fairs and by email to help others explore SPP.

Whether you have a need for comfort, guidance, supportive input, or you are just curious, Ruth will be delighted to do a reading for you and chat about the elements of SPP that interest you.

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SPP Elements

Some spiritual, psychic and paranormal things that may be discussed in your reading:

dreams, messages, visions, visitations
spirits, angels, guides, dead loved ones, pets
and other animals, aliens and beings,
auras, colors, energy, past, present and future threads,
paranormal, unexplained or unusual things,
meditation, training and environment,
comfort, guidance and spiritual counseling

Reading Details

 * Readings may cover several SPP areas of your particular energies and life path. You are also encouraged to bring your own interest questions into the session.

* Readings are delivered by email or at fair. You can print your email reading for convenient hard copy reference. At fair you can take notes.

* Email readings can be lengthy and can be devoted to singular issues or a total life path with sometimes 1 to 3 or more days of easy, untimed back and forth conversational exchanges. We chat when we can get to the email. This email method easily allows for lots of Q&A with discussion about the elements of your reading in a non-restrictive and relaxing timeframe.

* Email readings are $50. There are three ways you can pay. When you email Ruth to set up your session, she will explain those options.

* Fair readings are shorter and have their own fee price depending on the fair.


* A life path refers to the span of time from birth to death or anywhere in-between and can include past or possible future lifetimes.

* You can return to further discuss the elements of an original reading if you need to free of charge. Make an appointment for a follow up chat. 

* However, it is suggested you wait 3 or 4 months before returning for a session with the same questions from the original reading.

* If your need is about new issues with new questions and not covered in the original reading counseling session, please make a new appointment. New readings and counseling will be charged the applicable fee.

* SPP = Spiritual, Psychic and Parnormal

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