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Spiritual, Psychic, 
and Paranormal

Awareness, Interaction, and Observation of Spiritual, Psychic and Paranormal things through supportive counseling and guidance, training services, discussion, Q&A and readings

Ruth King is aware of, interacts with and observes spiritual, psychic and paranormal things.

She shares what she does
with others interested in exploring SPP things.

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*** These are some of the spiritual, psychic and paranormal elements you may be interested in chatting
 about with Ruth:

* Questions you bring into the session

* Awareness, interaction and observation of SPP activities -
                      including spirits, dead folks, pets or astral folk or other beings

* Communications, Messages, visions and visitations

* Energy, alignment, aura, colors therapy and more

* Lifestyle, habits and other supportive self-training

* Environmental enhancement, accessories and decor

* Past, present and future life paths or threads and their influences

* Questions you have about the elements of your session and more...

* NEW!!!!!   We have added the element of UFO Paranormal -
                    including aliens, encounters and investigations

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